Stephen Estes

“Irish historian William Hartpole once said that ‘on the whole, success depends more upon character than upon either intellect or fortune,’ and Shaahin embodies that spirit as few do. As a valued mentor and friend, he has been a guiding hand in helping me build my entrepreneurial career upon a foundation of authenticity, creativity and integrity. His guidance in business and life has been a pillar in the shaping of my character. 3 words to describe Shaahin coaching style/business approach: Straightforward, authentic, guerilla.”

— Stephen Estes,  Founder Vitagasm

Matthew Bennet

“Shaahin Cheyene embodies all of the desirable characteristics to which any entrepreneur could hope to aspire…creativity, perseverance, diverse skill sets, and unique perspective.  As an associate and mentor I find him both inspirational and energizing.”

Matthew Bennet Founder/President BTDT.com / WritePrintSell.com / Millionaire Matchmaker

Simon Mainwaring

“Shaahin is a powerful, authentic and inspiring speaker. His story is truly remarkable and he shares it with a warmth that moves and motivates people.”

–Simon Mainwaring, author of New York Times bestseller, We First

FI_Adeo_World“Shaahin has been a great resource to entrepreneurs worldwide by sharing his diverse experiences building businesses.”

 –Adeo Ressi

Benjiman Buadu Entrepreneur

“Shaahin is highly focused and disciplined and when he puts his mind to something, he puts in 1,000% of his energy and makes things happen much faster than anyone i have ever worked with.  Shaahin promotes creative thinking by looking at situations and challenges from outside the box, and suggests the tools/means to get it done.”

–Benjiman Buadu Entrepreneur

Miktlan Ehekateotl Kuahtlinxan

“Shaahin consistently demonstrates strength, adaptability, courage and creativity.  He finds extraordinary solutions to even the toughest challenges. This ‘outside of the box’ thinking has enabled not only radical changes in his life but in the lives of those he influences.”

–Miktlan Ehekateotl Kuahtlinxan, Aztec Medicine Man

About Shaahin

Shaahin Cheyene is the CEO and Chairman of brain nutrition start-up Accelerated Intelligence. Cheyene shares his passion to accelerate intelligence through his latest company and products.

Born in Iran, Shaahin Cheyene is an award winning entrepreneur, writer and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, California. In the early 1990′s while still in his teens, Cheyene spearheaded the “Smart Drug Movement” by inventing and branding the original Herbal Ecstacy and over 200 other award-winning products.